Installing Hyper-V

I’ve now got my extra memory so I have been in a position to install Windows Server 2008. Previously I have just been running Vista 32-Bit edition with 4GB of RAM installed. I tried the 64-Bit edition so I could add more RAM to get past the 4GB memory limit but unfortunately my daughters Sims 2 game wouldn’t work so I had to go back to Vista 32-bit!!

Now I am running Windows Server 2008 64-Bit and Vista 32-Bit in a dual boot configuration. I am going to try and install Sims 2 on Server 2008 64-Bit to see if it works. I am not hopeful but if it does it will save me from rebooting every time she wants to play!

My machine spec that I using is:

  • AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 4600+ 2.4gHz (soon to be upgraded to a quad-core)
  • 8GB DDR2 6400 RAM
  • 2 x 750GB + 1 X 500GB SATA Hard Drives

Server 2008 installed without any issues at all, everything worked straight away. So onto the installation!

Previously Hyper-V was a separate installation on the RC builds of server 2008 but in the RTM version it has been included, even though it hasn’t been fully released yet. You install it just as you would with any other role.

Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_17_35 Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_17_57

Next option is to select which network adapter you want to attach your virtual machines to. I’ve not done much research into this so cant make any comments but obviously select which adapter you have wired into the network which you want the virtual machines to run on


The next screen just confirms you’re settings that you require and as the initial configuration that’s it! Pretty simple eh!

Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_19_12 Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_19_18 Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_19_56

And as for the installation that’s it! Upon reboot Hyper-V will be running

Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_33_49 Screenshot - 11_05_2008 , 21_33_40

Next posts I’ll go a bit more in-depth. I had a few “issues” while creating and using virtual machines so I’ll cover those as well.

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