Month: September 2009

Active Directory

AGPM 4.0 to be released in October

Taken from here: As part of the official announcement on the MDOP blog, Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0 (AGPM) will be releasing in October to customers. With this release we had strong feedback on two main areas of improvement and an additional area that improves discoverability and manageability. 1. Multi Forest/Multi Domain Support We …


HP Proliant ML115 Noisy Fan after BIOS update

  I recently upgraded my HP Proliant ML115 server to the latest BIOS version which is 2009.07.06 (A) (29 Jul 2009) I downloaded the firmware from here When you initially boot up the ML115 it sounds like a jet plane taking off and is VERY LOUD! The problem was that after the BIOS update it …

Windows Server 2008

Group Policy Settings References for Windows and Windows Server

You can download the Group Policy Settings Reference documents here: Overview Using column filters, you can filter the information in these spreadsheets by operating system, component, or computer or user configuration. You can also search for information by using text or keywords. These spreadsheets include the following categories of security policy settings: Account Policies …