Month: November 2010

Windows Server 2008

How to move a WSS 3.0 Sharepoint Database

If you install WSS 3.0 and you install the default SQL Server Express edition you do not get an option to install the database to a specific location. By default the database is installed in C:\Windows\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSQL.2005\MSSQL\Data.  If you have it installed on server hardware with drives configured for best performance and redundancy i.e. RAID 1 …

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

Performance Tuning Windows Server 2008 R2

Tim Newton from the performance team at Microsoft has written 2 really good articles on how to monitor and tune performance on Windows Server 2008 R2. He goes into counters, CPU, memory, pagefiles etc etc. Definitely worth a read

Citrix, Training/Certification

Next exam decided–XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008

I have been debating on which exam to do next over these past few days. The 2 exam choices I have are Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008 or Basic Administration for XenApp 6. I have had a look at the resources that are available for both exams and there is virtually next …