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70-236: TS: Exchange Server 2007, Configuring

I have decided to start my journey on Exchange 2007. I’ve had a bit of experience of Exchange 2003 but have never really gone into depth of it to learn it inside and out. This is the reason why I have decided to study for the 70-236 so I can increase my knowledge of Exchange since it is so important in virtually every company!

More info on this exam is to be found at:

I have listed the exam objects below:

Installing and Configuring Microsoft Exchange Servers

Prepare the infrastructure for Exchange installation.

Prepare the servers for Exchange installation.

Install Exchange.

Configure Exchange server roles.

Configuring Recipients and Public Folders

Configure recipients.

Configure mail-enabled groups.

Configure resource mailboxes.

Configure public folders.

Move mailboxes.

Implement bulk management of mail-enabled objects.

Configuring the Exchange Infrastructure

Configure connectors.

Configure the antivirus and anti-spam system.

Configure transport rules and message compliance.

Configure policies.

Configure public folders.

Configure client connectivity.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor mail queues.

Monitor system performance.

Perform message tracking.

Monitor client connectivity.

Create server reports.

Create usage reports.

Configuring Disaster Recovery

Configure backups.

Recover messaging data.

Recover server roles.

Configure high availability.

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