Windows Server 2008

Data Protection 2007 hotfix rollup 3 released

Issues Resolved

–  Recovery of SSL Sites does not work

–  Consistency Check on compressed volume results in full Initial Replication

–  Deleting old Recovery Points is not freeing space on Recovery Point Volume

–  Consistency check does not complete in reasonable time

–  User intent for Max Duration of Consistency Check job is not honored

–  Increase verbosity in default DPM error logs*

–  Restore security option for item recovery on the Recovery User Interface sometimes fails

This hotfix will not require reboot of the DPM Server.  After installation on the DPM Server, there will be advice that Agent Updates are available in the DPM 2007 Administrator Conole.  Installing the update from the console will indicate a reboot is necessary, but it is not.  In other words, in the “Enter Credentials and Reboot option” check “Manually restart” but a restart is not required.


  1. Can i download the hotfix someware? or do you know the KB number so i can request it at Microsoft?


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