Windows Server 2008

Exchange 200x Comparison Table

Pedro Alves, a premier field engineer working for Microsoft has created a very useful Exchange 200x comparisons table. Very useful! The original can be viewed here:

Thanks Pedro, good work!

Feature Exchange 2003 Exchange 2007 Exchange 2010
Exchange Certificate wizards No No Yes
EMS Command Log No No Yes
Property Dialog Command Exposure No No Yes
Role Based Access Control No No Yes
Larger and Sequential I/O No No Yes
Larger Page Size (32 KB) No No Yes
Optimize for SATA Storage No No Yes
Continuous Background Online Defragmentation No No Yes
Online Background Database Scanning No No Yes
Shadow Redundancy No No Yes
Incremental Deployment No No Yes
Database Availability Groups No No Yes
Mailbox Database Copies No No Yes
Online Move Mailbox No No Yes
Incremental ReSync No No Yes
Cluster Continuous Replication No Yes DAG
Standby Continuous Replication No Yes DAG
Local Continuous Replication No Yes No
Clustered Mailbox Server Yes Improved DAG
Storage Groups Yes Yes No
Recovery Storage Group Yes Yes Recovery Database
Exchange Management Shell No Yes Yes
Messaging Records Management No Yes Yes
Transport Rules No Yes Improved
Disclaimers No Yes Improved
Multi-Mailbox Search No No Yes
Legal Hold No No Yes
Personal Archive No No Yes
Federated Sharing No No Yes
Calendar Repair Assistant No No Yes
Moderated Distribution Groups No No Yes
Mailbox Folder Permissions Management No No Yes
Send Mails to Recipients from EMC No No Yes
MailTips No No Yes
Moderated Transport No No Yes
End User End-To-End Message Tracking No No Yes
Transport Rules Integration with AD RMS No No Yes
64 Bit Architecture No Yes Yes
Routing Groups Yes AD Site Routing AD Site Routing
Administrative Groups Yes Universal SG Universal SG
Intelligent Message Filter Yes No No
Link State Routing Yes No No
Routing Objects Yes No No
Network Attached Storage Yes No No
Exchange Installable File System Yes No No
Event Service Yes No No
Recovery Storage Group Yes Yes No
ADUC Exchange Extensions Yes No No
Mailbox Merge Wizard Yes No No
Recipient Update Service Yes No No
iSCSI Support No Yes Yes
HT & ET Anti-Spam Agents No Yes Yes
NNTP PF Access Yes No No
IMAP4 PF Access Yes No No
NNTP Yes No No
Monitoring and Status Node Yes No No
Message Tracking Centre Yes ExMFA ExMFA
Mailbox Recovery Centre Yes ExDRA ExDRA
Mailbox Management Service Yes MRM MRM & RP

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