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Installing ESXi5 under VMware Workstation 8

This is just a quick blog post to show you how to install VMware ESXi5 under VMware Workstation.  Being able to do this makes a great learning environment as you can create and destroy as many virtual machines as you like.  In my lab i have 2 permanent hosts running ESXi 5 but if i want to play about with any features quickly i can just build a new server within minutes.

1) First step is to go through the virtual Machine Wizard and select Typical settings


2) For the installer disc image file point it to your .ISO image of ESXi


3) From the dropdown menu select VMware ESXi 5 as the operating system


4)  Enter a name for the virtual machine and a location where the virtual machine files are going to be located


5)  Enter the size of the disk


6) Configure the virtual machine as the settings below, i removed USB, Floppy drive and enabled the Virtualize Intel BT-x/EPT – This enables you to run x64 VM’s which is required.  Note to use this your processor has to support it


7) Once you’re done you are all ready for the installation process!


8) Press Enter to confirm the installation


9) Confirm the storage device which was selected previously


10) Select the language that the installation will be done in


11) Enter the password for the root account, don’t forget this!!


12) Press F11 to confirm the installation


13) The installation will continue and you now have a fully working ESXi virtual machine to play with your hearts content. Happy learning!


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