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Configuring HDX Flash Redirection for XenApp

I have spent the last few days fighting with HDX Flash Redirection and trying to get it to work for a demo to show to a few customers. There are certain things which you have to do to get this working properly. HDX Flash Redirection basically takes a lot of load of the XenApp servers by processing flash content locally.  Flash videos take up a lot of CPU and a few instances running at the same time can kill a XenApp server. So to get this working you have to perform the following procedure.

1) Install full version of Flash Player for Windows from Adobe  ( on the XenApp server

2) On the endpoint device install “Flash player for other browsers” (

3) If you have IE9 installed on your server, remove it. IE8 works better i have found.

4) Make sure you publish Internet Explorer x32 (C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe)

To verify that it is working properly go to in your ICA session and you should get the following prompt when trying to view a video:


You can also install a tool called HDX Monitor 2.0 ( on your XenApp server which shows if it is working properly or not


On your endpoint device you should see a session called PsuedoContainer2.exe. As you can see in my example this is taking up 130MB of memory. 25 users on 1 server and that’s a 3.2GB savings off the server and increased user experience. Winner!


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  1. IE 9 definitely works however a registry key is required on the XenApp servers:

    Server 2008 R2 x64


    Add a DWORD entry “IEBrowserMaximumMajorVersion = 00000009”

    A reboot is not needed however some patience is.

    This was taken right out of the eDocs for XenApp 6.5 and I have used this personally with IE9 x86. I have not tried publishing the 64-bit version of IE and would not recommend it.


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