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XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR CU3 and Windows 10 1809 Compatibility

Hey folks, just a quick post to describe an issue I came across this week.

I am currently involved in a large XenDesktop LTSR deployment (can you guess from all the LTSR posts??!!).  The main requirement from the project is to deliver Windows 10 capability.  We are literally weeks away from having everything over to BAU when I get notifications from the Windows 10 Programme team that they want the first VDI Build to be based on Windows 18 1809.  No problem I thought, but then I checked and my heart sank. To deploy Windows 10 1809 there are a few requirements which I have listed below.  In most of the large enterprise environments BAU teams generally don’t seem to update things, they work on a reactive basis only.  It seems those days are well and truly over. The Windows 10 Servicing model has a direct effect on all those components surround it – makes Citrix Cloud a more attractive product if you want to “set it and forget it” Smile

1) You need to update to XenDesktop LTSR CU3 – You van view the Compatibility Matrix here. – As we can tell it looks like every CU update will support the latest Win 10 version so they will go hand in hand



2) Your subscription advantage date needs to be at least October 15, 2018.  You can view the requirement dates here –

3) Your Citrix Licence Sever needs to be at least Build 25000 – You can view the CU3 components here –

If you don’t meet these requirements you will get lots of lovely messages like this:


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