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Exploring FSLogix Profiles feature

Introduction One of the most important decisions to make when designing your Non-persistent VDI environment is your profile management choice.  Over the years there have been many different profile management solutions out there (Local Profiles, Roaming Profiles, Ivanti User Workspace Management, Citrix User Profile Management and LiquidWare ProfileUnity), each offering their own benefits and use …

Citrix XenDesktop, Windows 10

Configuring Citrix MCS for XenDesktop 7 1903, SCVMM 2016 & Windows 10 1903

I was recently involved in a project  where one of the options is to use Citrix Machine Creation Services to create desktops.  I have to admit I have never really used MCS in a production environment before so I thought I would document the steps to get this up and running. So let’s begin. Step …