Connecting to Azure App MySQL Instance remotely

I recently made a mistake on my WordPress site which left me unable to let me into the Admin console. Big boo boo!!  After a bit of research I found the solution which was to go into the MySQL Database and edit some fields on the WordPress database.

Now, on a normal WordPress hosted site I could connect to the cPanel and perform a query from there to amend the fields.  As my site is hosted on a Azure App I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this.  After a big of digging around on the Azure portal I noticed a Connection security section in the Database Settings.  From here you can add a Firewall rule where you can allow remote connections from certain IP addresses.  So I configured the setting to allow a setting from my IP as per below:


Now that we have enabled the connections, we need to configure a MySQL Client to connect. First we need the settings. To do this go to the properties menu and the sections you need are “Server Name” and “Server Admin Login Name”


Now we can configure the MySQL Client to connect to the database instance.  I used a programme called MySQL Workbench.  Really good and highly recommended! You can download it here


I hope this post helps somebody get themselves out of a pickle Smile

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